Economic Winter

     Economic Winter
     Our homes are called to be the headwaters of God's grace that create channels of blessing to flow through every low spot in our culture...

     No one's Plan A includes recession. But when economic winters come, they are not excuses to show fear but opportunities to live by faith. Our      response can't be strategies that only take into consideration our own survival. These are not times when we lessen our commitment to the spread      of the gospel ... These are not times when we limit our concern for the poor, the lonely, the sick, the helpless, or the hopeless; they are times when      our concern   compounds many-fold. During economic summers, we give from our surplus. During economic winters, we give from our sacrifice.

     These tough times are perfect opportunities to step forward and speak up with a clear hope; to roll up our sleeves and get involved in bringing      substantive help to the hurting; and to give people a walking, breathing example of what God's grace looks like covered in compassionate      determination. Your commitment to practicing grace in the midst of a harsh economic winter may be the only warmth the people closest to you will be      able to enjoy.

     In economic winters, plan A for most people is to close the cupboard doors, shut down the charitable giving, and hang on to what you've got. A      better plan is to live more simply, expect less, and give more. And above all, to trust the One who feeds the sparrows to free your mind from worries      ... The good news is that the coldest winters set up some of the most abundant springtimes.
In Praise of Plan B: Moving from "What Is" to "What Can Be," by Dr. Tim Kimmel