Romeo United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Usher Schedule


December 15th and 22nd
Traditional:  Lead-Janet Bauer, Ginny Power, Anne Wilber, Don Wilber
Contemporary:  Brian Rosso

December 29th
Traditional:  Lead-Christian Goolsby, Ron Sebastian, Kathy Smith, Linda Eastman
Contemporary:  Doug Posey

January 5th and 12th

Traditional:  Craig Engwall (Lead), Judy Engwall, Hannah Engwall, Tom Weeks

Contemporary:  Don Adkin


January 19th and 26th

Traditional:  Janet Bauer (Lead), Derek Beaumont, Sue Rhoads, Doug Forsgren

Contemporary:  Doug Posey


February 2nd and 9th

Traditional:  Becky Laseke (Lead), Paul Heller, Ann Heller, Larry Back, Ron Sebastian

Contemporary:  Beth Theisen


February 16th and 23rd

Traditional:  Christian Goolsby (Lead), Louchrisa Schwan, Phil Schwan, Kathy Smith

Contemporary:  Brian Rosso


March 1st and 8th

Traditional:  Craig Engwall (Lead), Judy Engwall, Hannah Engwall, Linda Eastman

Contemporary:  Doug Posey


March 15th and 22nd

Traditional:  Janet Bauer (Lead), Anne Wilber, Don Wilber, David Lee

Contemporary:  Don Adkin


March 29th

Traditional:  Becky Laseke (Lead), Ed Buckner, Sharon Schildt, Anna Bonanni

Contemporary:  Beth Theisen


Dear Ushers,

Looking forward to another year of leading such a fine group of ushers!  I really appreciate how everyone jumps in and helps even when you're not scheduled.  Thanks so much!  Remember to unlock the back elevator doors, and contemporary service ushers, to light altar candles upon arrival. 


Blessings, Craig Engwall              586-504-6655

NOTE FOR LEAD USHER:  Upon arrival at Church:

1.     Unlock all 4 outside doors (2 doors near elevator in old building, front door of old building, and entrance door at east end of new building).

2.     Turn on lights where appropriate.

Ushers should be on duty at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled start of the service. 

Traditional Service begins at 9 a.m.  Contemporary Service begins at 11 a.m.

Usher responsibilities are posted on the bulletin board over the Ushers’ Stand.