Romeo United Methodist Church
Monday, November 20, 2017

Fellowship Time Schedule


7         Bev and Dave Lee, Lorraine and Arvid Martin

14       Helen and Ken Koss, Becky Laseke

21       Ann and Paul Heller, Claudia Royal

28      Don and Lynda Adkin, Becky Laseke


4         Zimmerman Family

11       Farewell Luncheon for Dr. John and Karen Bailey

18       Graduation Sunday

25       Stella Wheeler, Mary Ann DeForest, Becky Laseke


2         Linda Eastman, Gayle Beitel, Sandy Edwards

9         Welcome Luncheon for Pastor Trevor and Carol Herm

17       Rich and Mary Jane Johnson, Nancy Harrar

23       Vickie and Doug Posey

30       Joyce Pelto, Kathy Smith, Ginny Power


6         Theresa and Tom King, Elaine Roberson

13       Rich and Mary Jane Johnson, Mary Jo Hosler

20       Bev and Tom Kuzminski

27       Becky Laseke, Marilyn Bracy, Pam Couture


3         Anne and Don Wilber

10       Rally Day

17       Jeff and Mary McClay, Laurie Bennett

24       Anna Bonani, Sue Rhoads, Carol Wilson


1         Dona and Larry Back, Helen and Ken Koss

8         Lisa and Dave Faris

15       Joyce and Barry Benham, Judy and Jim Larimer

22       Zimmerman Family

29       Naomi Stasak, Marian Hevel, Mary Ann DeForest


5         Linda Eastman, Cliff and Leah Gilbert Gilbert

12       Bev and Dave Lee, Lynn and Bob Bachholzky

19       Lorraine and Arvid Martin, Heather and Marty Wagester

26       Don and Lynda Adkin, Becky Laseke


3         Joyce and Barry Benham, Judy and Jim Larimer

10       Sandy Edwards, Elaine Roberson, Mary Jo Hosler

17       Becky Laseke, Stella Wheeler,


31       Breakfast


Thank you for being a volunteer.  If you are unable to help on your scheduled day, please arrange to trade or for a substitute.  After making a change, please call the church office (586-752-9132) so the bulletin can be updated.


Becky Laseke