Romeo United Methodist Church
Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fellowship Time Schedule





6        Linda Eastman, Becky Laseke

13      Naomi Stasak, Mary Ann DeForest, Marian Hevel

20      Mischele Makhlouf

27      Cliff and Leah Gilbert


3        Bob and Lynn Bachholzky

10      Claudia Royal

17      Graduation Sunday

24      Nancy Harrar, Sandy Edwards



8        Elaine Roberson

15      Anna Bonanni, Sue Rhoads, Carol Wilson

22      Rich and Mary Jane Johnson

29      Linda Eastman, Gayle Beitel


5        Bev and Tom Kuzminski

12      Marilyn Bracy, Carol Herm

19      Arvid and Lorraine Martin,

Heather and Marty Wagester

26      Rich and Mary Jane Johnson, Mary Jo Hosler


2        Ginny Power, Kathy Loba, Kathy Smith

9        Rally Day

16      Tom and Theresa King, Mischele Makhlouf

23      Vickie and Doug Posey

30      Dona and Larry Back, Helen and Kenn Koss


7        Jim and Judy Larimer, Joyce and Barry Benham

14      Stella Wheeler, Sandy Edwards

21      Cliff and Leah Gilbert

28      Naomi Stasak, Marian Hevel, Mary Ann DeForest


4        Dave and Bev Lee, Arvid and Lorraine Martin

11      Dave and Lisa Faris        

18      Jeff and Mary McClay, Pam Couture

25      Claudia Royal, Becky Laseke



9        Ann and Paul Heller

16      Jim and Judy Larimer, Barry and Joyce Benham


30      Breakfast     



Thank you for being a volunteer.  If you are unable to help on your scheduled day, please arrange to trade or for a substitute.  After making a change, please call the church office (586-752-9132) so the bulletin can be updated.

Becky Laseke