Romeo United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fellowship Time Schedule

24          Zimmerman and Sova Families
31          Ann and Paul Heller
7             Leah and Cliff Gilbert

14          Anna Bonanni, Sue Rhoads, Carol Wilson

21          Sandy Edwards, Elaine Roberson
28         Dona and Larry Back, Helen and Kenn Koss
5           Stella Wheeler, Carol Herm

12        Mother’s Day

19        Rich and Mary Jane Johnson

26        Mary Jo Hosler, Sandy Edwards
2          Gayle Beitel, Becky Laseke
9          Nancy Harrar, Elaine Roberson
16        Father’s Day      
23        Kathy Smith and Ginny Power
30        Marilyn and Jim Welser, Kathy and Tom Callow


Thank you for volunteering for Fellowship Time.  If you are not available,

please arrange for a substitute and then contact the office so the bulletin 

is correct.  If you have any questions, please contact Becky Laseke at