Romeo United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 15, 2018

Greeters - First and Second Service

First Service

          23      Gayle Beitel, Theresa King
          30      Linda Schenburn, Marilyn Bracy

6        Cindie Wade and Brooke

13      Kathy Loba and Stella Wheeler

          20      Ginny Powers and Sue Rhoads

          27      Judy and Craig Engwall



          3        Elaine Roberson and Naomi Stasak

          10      Becky Laseke and Marian Hevel

          17      Bob and Lynn Bachholzky

          24      Lou and Anna Bonanni

Second Service schedule is not yet available.
Thank you for being a volunteer.  If you are unable to greet on your scheduled day, please arrange to trade or for a substitute.  After making a change, please call the church office (586-752-9132) so the bulletin can be updated.

Gayle Beitel, First Service

Elaine Parr, Second Service